This is to express my appreciation of the help I received today from JoFwi Data and Design. You folks helped me set up a DSL & network systspan at my house here in Santa Cruz a few months ago. Yesterday our DSL stopped working. I called in, and a nameless woman walked me through resetting the "IP configuration" by running "sysipcfg". My problspan was solved in a matter of minutes, with no charge. This probably sespans simple to you but it was a major learning experience for me and essential, it sespans, if we're to survive AT&T's DSL service. This is not the first problspan that I've called you on, and each time I've received this kind of support. Over the last few years I've turned to several different local shops for help with computer problspans, both for my home systspan and for the agency that I run. We've never had the "user-friendly" experience I have had with you folks. Given the constant learning required for ordinary users like me to keep pace with this evolving technology, your kind of support is essential. Thanks a lot--"
Richard Kirlan, S & S Trophies

Jofwi data and design completed a network DSL installation for us. He was extremely helpful, professional, and thorough. It was a complicated, challenging task and he was fantastic. I have given his name and your company as a reference to a friend in the area and will recommend you to others with the same needs. I can't tell you how nice it was to contact a company and have the person actually understand what you were asking. He jumped on it immediately and was out here within two hours. This quick action and immediate service is most refreshing in an industry that is so often horrendous on tech support."
Mike Silva, MS Carpets


Thank you for your recent service, memory upgrade on my desktop. I have always been impressed with the fact that you give such high quality service to someone with such sporadic and (in my view) unprofitable computer needs. It was a pleasure to see acompanies focus centered on meeting my needs no matter what it takes... I appreciate it, your excellence does not go unoticed. You're a joy to do business with and it makes my life easier. Thank you."
Timothy Fitzpatrick, Gamer